Instrument Calibration is a necessary and important part of any facility. The accuracy of the information produced by any instrument is dependent on it.

Micron Controls Inc. recognizes the importance of calibration and has tailored the company policies and procedures to ensure you receive the highest level of quality and accuracy your process requires. After all, your end-product quality and customers count on it.

We are equipped to provide precise and accurate calibrations of virtually any type of field device.

  • Calibrations include a detailed record of calibration for your records.
  • Our experienced staff of highly qualified Instrumentation Technicians are red seal certified.
  • We own our own NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable calibration and test equipment. This inventory is meticulously maintained and is annually recalibrated and certified by an independent testing laboratory to NIST standards.

Some of our calibration services include:

  • Custom tailored customer/site specific recurring calibration program. Inventory is taken of your instruments to determine the condition and frequency of calibration required. A Technician arrives at your site when required to perform these calibrations, leaving you with a Calibration Certificate and up to date Calibration, tag, and sticker affixed to the instrument. If the instrument needs repair, replacement, or relocation, this service can be performed during this process.
  • Field and Bench Calibrations. One way to save time and cost during construction of your project is to have your instruments calibrated prior to installation. We call this "Bench Calibration". Our mobile service units arrive on site and staffed with technicians. We take care and custody of your instruments. We then calibrate, certify and document every instrument. Generally, calibration can be done quicker prior to its installation. Instruments pre-installed will be field calibrated.
  • In-house calibrations. Send us your instrument. We will calibrate it, certify it, and return it to you with your new calibration certificate, tag, and sticker.